"Putting it All Together" – Your Income Potential

11 Jul 21

The SYSTEM is designed for everyone - beginners and experienced.
The goal is to get 1 working link and advertise it as easy as possible and with maximum results.
When we put all the puzzles of the system together and get a magic link - the easiest, lightning-fast and GUARANTEED way to RUN YOUR MONEY MACHINE and get the FIRST PROFIT - This is PAID ADVERTISING and its subsection - SOLO LETTERS.
Now I will explain why SOLO LETTERS will work for CASH MACHINE.
When a marketer uses a regular funnel - a capture page - a pre-sale page - a sales page ... If he has the most advanced and beautiful capture page, he will receive 35-50% leads from purchased clicks...

For example, he buys 100 clicks at UDIMI for $ 70.
He got a maximum of 55 leads and maybe one sale. These leads will be ACTIVE and INACTIVE (sleeping). His next step will be - he will write a sales letter with these 5 leads and see that his letter will be opened by 10 people. Very expensive contact list ...
The end result - he spent 70 dollars - earned 30 + 55 leads ... He decides that Solo is not the best method for his advertising campaign and is looking for another.
In our case, the situation is completely different.
Out of 100 clicks, we get at least 50 leads, of which 10 buy a product, 15 start to actively invite me 5 leads each and 25 go to sleep ... Of these sleeping 2-5 people can later wake up to be active (maybe this the moment he decided to start his own business on the Internet, he is looking for options and is waiting for a salary to download for this purpose 100-200 dollars in a week) ...

In order to be SUCCESSFULLY advertised on UDIMI, at the end of each advertising campaign (after each purchased letter) you have to go out for the money ...
Spent $ 70 - Got 2 sales of $ 100 = $ 200
Net profit - 130 USD
In this case, you go and buy the next letter and 200 clicks.
Of course, a profit of $ 30-50 also allows you to start escalating ...

When we buy Solo for Money Machine - on average, out of 10 leads, three buy a product to unlock their VIRAL INCOM FUNNEL, five invite 5 leads and two sleepers ...
So, 1) out of 100 clicks, we get 55 leads
2) Out of 55 leads, we get 15 sales (list of buyers) and 11 recruiters invite 5 leads each = 55 new ACTIVE LEADS.
These leads are different from the first type of leads we got from Solo.
These ACTIVE LEADS are more VALUABLE to you ...
They came from a DIFFERENT TYPE OF ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN - SOCIAL ADVERTISING ... These are recommendations between people you know ...
These leads have received a recommendation for you through their friends and acquaintances on social networks.
Of course, MONEY MACHINE is full of tools for marketing at all levels and getting results from free advertising, but this path will bear fruit in the future, and today, for immediate results, we will use SOLO LETTER.

So we got 15 sales and 50% commissions each.
The product sells for $ 37.
Our commission per sale - $ 18.5
15 sales times $ 18.5 = $ 277.5
We bought 100 clicks for $ 70 and got $ 277 in sales.
This is $ 207 NET PROFIT !!!
It's only beginning!

We must not forget about 11 recruiters, each of whom, over time, 1-7 days, will each give me 5 leads ... These are new 15-20 sales (BOOM! NEW $250-$300 in my WarriorPlus wallet) and new 60-70 leads, which will give new 20-25 sales (BOOM! NEW $250-$300 in my WarriorPlus wallet) and 60 - 80 leads (BOOM! NEW $250-$300 in my WarriorPlus wallet)... And so on ... And so on ... Viral Marketing in Action!
To do this, we need a primary impetus - to move the stone from its place - then it will roll itself, like a snowball ...

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