Core-SYSTEM'S Money-Program

10 Jul 21

Chapter 4: Core-SYSTEM'S Money-Program


Money Machine
It's the easiest profitable
Turnkey Franchise-Like Business.

Earn 100% Sponsor Bonus
Our first compensation pays you instantly...
100% profits + 100% sponsor bonus!

Auto Re-Entries & Upgrades
Our other two exclusive compensations
provide lots of automated re-entries...
plus ''Triple & Quadruple Upgrades''
to explode your income very quickly

1) Team-building (1 dollar viral method)
2) Building of Multiple Streams of Income FULL AUTOPILOT ("MONEY MACHINE")
3) VIP Marketing AI-Tools

In the next chapter, I will introduce you to the Basic VIRAL Program of the System - "Viralightning"- the Engine of the System, and then I will in more detail mark the marketing of the "ETERNAL AUTOMATIC MONEY MACHINE".

Combination of low entry ($ 1) and 'viralightning' Viral Effect - Makes the ETERNAL AUTOMATIC MONEY MACHINE  the Most Powerful System in the Industry and Easiest to Recruit + DUPLICATION PRINCIPLE!

For example, I invited John.
John saw my beautiful capture page, got intrigued, wanted my Free Viral Incom Funnel, and is offered a choice. To unblock Viral Incom Funnel, He must redeem the proposed product for $ 47 or invite 5 people to subscribe to my capture page for free.

Out of 10 people, about 3 will want to unblock their funnel directly and buy the proposed product for $47.
The other 7 leads will start inviting via my link and unblock their funnel by inviting 5 leads each.

So 10 leads earn me $ 141 and 35 other active leads who immediately become active as buyers or recruiters.

Building of Multiple Streams of Income




When these 35 new active leads unlock their Funnel and get into the back office, they will be asked to join "ViralTrons" Program (for $1) and insert their "ViralTrons" id in the System, and start advertising their new "ViralTrons" business through 'viralightning' Viral Income Funnel...

Now each of the 35 active leads has its own magic link, which turns one lead into 5.

And IN this Magic  'viralightning' link encoded 13 income streams in "downline builder" (5 of which are main) + Some of the best marketing tools in the industry
+ Ability to add your projects to the downline builder

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